Flavors of Texas

Texas Crowes Nest Farm

Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, and what better way to bask in the season’s glory than a trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm Animal Life Center. It’s an educational non-profit organization located just east of Austin, in Manor, Texas. This 100-acre property is perfect for parties and family outings. The farm houses a large variety of over 200 animals,… Read More →

Austin is pretty well known for its variety of tasty tacos. The selections range all the way from the classic food trailers, to the hip and fiery dine-in restaurants of Torchy’s and Fresa’s. Such a variety can make choosing your breakfast tacos challenging, so here’s a list to highlight some great spots to check out: Torchy’s Tacos Perhaps the most… Read More →

McConaughey To Settle In Austin

Ever since his breakout role in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, actor Matthew McConaughey has been associated with Texas and, more specifically, the city of Austin. Born in Uvalde and raised in Longview, Texas, McConaughey found his way to Austin and the University of Texas, where he attended college and began his rise to fame. These days McConaughey is flying… Read More →

I Love Austin in the Springtime…

Austin can be a lot of fun in the springtime, and there are dozens of events around the city to fill your free time. If you feel like going outside, by yourself or with friends and family, there are several things to do in near Austin. Visit the Hill Country, for example. You can go hiking, go to the Bluebonnet… Read More →

Texas Dance Hall

Many people will agree that listening to music on your own, shut off from the world with earbuds and Spotify playlists, is just not as fun as sharing it with others. Before mobile listening, music lovers appreciated music together in dance halls. And in certain places in Texas, you can still find some of these fun entertainment landmarks. Bands play… Read More →

Owning a home can prove to be a great responsibility. A number of things can go wrong and sometimes, when our luck is really down, problems occur simultaneously. This is precisely why it’s important to maintain regular maintenance on your home. By staying vigilant in your home’s upkeep, you’re saving yourself time and money in the future. Here are four… Read More →

Austin Energy

Texans understand how energy bills can fluctuate rapidly depending on the season. We go from bitter cold days to steamy hot summers in almost the blink of an eye. Having control over your electric bill can be tricky under these circumstances. Well thanks to Austin Energy, there’s an app available to help you monitor your energy spending day in and… Read More →

Urban Roots, a non-profit organization located in Travis County, uses sustainable agriculture to transform the lives of young people and increase access to healthy food in Austin. Youths age 14-17 work on the 3.5 acre farm in the southeast area of the county, developing essential life and job skills while growing food for the Austin community. In 25 week sessions,… Read More →

Frog Fest: Weekend Fun With Powerful Goal

A strong line-up of performers gathered on March 8-9 in Crystal Beach to raise funds for a remote retreat for wounded veterans. The festival, called Texas Frog Fest, benefits the Lone Survivor Foundation. The Foundation, founded by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, offers veterans tools and approaches to cope with re-entry into civilian life after battle. The foundation sponsors remote… Read More →

Planting bulbs instead of seeds or potted plants can be cheaper, and add beautiful splashes of color to your garden. While it may not seem easy to grow them in the Texas climate, there are only a few things you have to do to grow dozens of successful bulbs. Keep Them Dry One of the primary reasons for “bulb failure”… Read More →