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From funding water resource projects with rainy day funds to providing property tax exemptions for qualifying veterans, the upcoming election in Texas offers voters an opportunity to decide the direction of their state. There are nine propositions on the ballot. Some are expected to pass easily, with no discernible opposition while others have their fair share of proponents and opponents…. Read More →

Property tax exemptions are front and center with the approach of the November 5th election in Texas. Two of the nine proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution involve property tax amendments related to military service. The debate over these amendments demands that voters learn all they can about their content and impact, and then make the most informed choice. The… Read More →


Everything is bigger in Texas and energy consumption is no different. As the population of Texas continues to grow, rising energy demands are forcing leaders and industry experts to band together to create strategies to meet the state’s long-term needs. Currently the greatest consumer of energy in America, Texas is acting now to prevent serious problems down the line. A… Read More →

Good Business Practices in Texas: the Property Tax Loan Business

Red McCombs is a successful Texas businessman and has worked hard to keep the Property Tax Loan business working in Texas despite pressure from banks, legislators and special interest groups. A property tax loan, also known as a tax lien transfer, allows a homeowner to finance their property taxes with a separate lender. This helps avoid a great amount of… Read More →

While property taxes may be the last thing someone new to buying homes wants to think about, it’s detrimental that the rules and regulations on these taxes be understood. Often times new homeowners are faced with unfavorable fluctuations and unheard of taxes. Whether it be a sudden rise in property tax or a surprise reassessment, the homeowner should be aware… Read More →

Texas is no stranger to rapid rises in land values and by almost any measure are currently at record highs. Across the state, prices in the first half of 2013 are 8% over 2012 prices. The market tends to focus on smaller properties, with median size of transactions near 68 acres. However, in South and West Texas larger tracts predominate…. Read More →

Owning a home is part of most people’s long-term plans. The pride of home ownership is hard to quantify, but the cost of home ownership is all about the dollars. In Texas, home ownership comes with significant property taxes, an oft-overlooked aspect of the overall cost of a home. Texas has no state income tax and, therefore, property taxes fund… Read More →

Don’t let your property tax bill intimidate you!  Take a breath and keep in mind a few things: This is an assessment based on averages in your neighborhood.  The people pulling together the numbers for the county may be using old sales records or new appraisals from homes that have been remodeled. These records might not be an accurate reflection… Read More →

Texas is one of 7 states that don’t require citizens to pay income tax.  It is the only state in that list of 7, which also made the list of top 10 states with the highest property taxes. Texans still believe that education; emergency services, transportation, libraries and public parks should be available to all people in the state no… Read More →

Getting Out from Under with a TX Commercial Property Tax Loan

Owning your own business is a huge responsibility and no one but the business owner really understands the financial commitment and time allotment necessary to running it. Sometimes it becomes helpful to get assistance via a Commercial Property Tax Loan to free you from a temporary hardship and unburden you long enough to recover and get back on track. Delinquent… Read More →