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Texas Wildlife Property Tax Classification: A Quick Glance

Increasingly, landowners in Texas are looking to qualify for the wildlife property tax exemption. Texas properties that are currently being appraised as agricultural lands may convert to appraisal based on wildlife management. Landowners wishing to apply for wildlife management appraisal must develop a wildlife management plan and submit such plans, with other paperwork, to the relevant county appraisal district. In… Read More →

Texas property tax bills are often considered a “necessary evil” of property ownership. Typically, property taxes are levied on an annual basis, but the large sum is often difficult to pay in a single payment. Therefore, many owners choose to pay their taxes incrementally over the entire year. This process requires a property tax loan provider to execute and, while… Read More →

Loaning money is a business; when desperate times call for desperate measures, you will find unscrupulous people out there who prey on the vulnerable. If and when you are in the position requiring financial assistance, arm yourself with a few basic requirements of your property tax lenders before signing on the dotted line. The Big Four Does the Consumer Credit… Read More →

No one ever expects to be burdened with sudden debt. In Texas, third-party companies are currently able to offer property tax loans, or tax lien transfers, to Texans in times of financial distress. The loan companies will pay off back taxes for qualified applicants, and prevent future delinquency by paying property tax before it reaches delinquency. Approximately 70 locally grown… Read More →

In 2011, the Federal Reserve reported that the combined value for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and employer-sponsored 401(k) plans was over 8.75 trillion dollars. Of that sum, 55% of the funds were in IRAs. This is surprising since the maximum annual contributions to a 401(k) are almost three times greater than to an IRA. Why would there be more money… Read More →

Let us say that you have worked at your current job for a number of years and you were fortunate to be with a firm that offered you a 401(k) plan. Now, however, a new opportunity arose and you are leaving your current job. What do with the funds you accrued in your 401(k) plan? This scenario is common, as… Read More →

Many parts of Texas have been fortunate to not be hit as hard by the down economy compared to the rest of the country. That said, Texas residents haven’t been exempt from the economic downturn. Many individuals in the Texas area have had difficulty paying their property tax bills due to a lagging economic climate. Property tax loans can cause… Read More →

1. Texas Property Tax Loans are available for any taxable real estate, undeveloped or not, on the condition the property is reasonably maintained. The loans cannot be made for and personal property, such as a car or household items, but any residential, commercial or investment property is eligible. 2. Maintaining taxes on several properties can be simplified by combining them into… Read More →