Historic Dance Halls in Texas

Texas Dance HallMany people will agree that listening to music on your own, shut off from the world with earbuds and Spotify playlists, is just not as fun as sharing it with others. Before mobile listening, music lovers appreciated music together in dance halls. And in certain places in Texas, you can still find some of these fun entertainment landmarks. Bands play live music and people dance until they can’t possibly dance any longer. While many dance halls were torn down or used for other things, there are several still around today that are worth checking out if you want an exciting musical experience.

Stagecoach Ballroom– located in Forth worth, this dance hall is tastefully old fashioned and offers free dance lessons before many of their shows.

Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon– a diverse country music venue that claims itself as Texas’ largest LGBT country club.

Billy Bob’s Texas– one of the world’s biggest honky-tonk venues in Fort Worth offers bull riding and big headliners.

Broken Spoke– located in Austin, the Spoke celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Schroeder Hall– claiming itself as the “second-oldest dance hall in Texas”, this hall hosts many bands found locally from Schroeder, Texas .

Luckenbach Texas– this hall is like a step back into the past, with nostalgic decorations and a legendary reputation, found in the town of Luckenbach.

Gruene Hall– many halls will fight over who was “first”, but Gruene calls itself the oldest one in Texas. Crowds flock to Gruene, and bands make sure to try and play there whenever they can.

Albert Dance Hall– located in Stonewall, this hall is 88 years old and often overlooked, but is very spacious and accommodating.

Old Coupland Inn & Dancehall– this place in Coupland serves as a Bed and Breakfast, restaurant, and historic dance hall to listen to country music.


Source: Kvue.com

Image Source: billybobstexas.com