I Love Austin in the Springtime…

Sweet berry farmAustin can be a lot of fun in the springtime, and there are dozens of events around the city to fill your free time. If you feel like going outside, by yourself or with friends and family, there are several things to do in near Austin. Visit the Hill Country, for example. You can go hiking, go to the Bluebonnet Café, or just admire the countryside for a while.  Other outside activities include picking strawberries at Sweet Berry Farms– it only lasts until May, so pick some fresh strawberries while you can!- and heading to the Zilker Botanical Gardens, which have been decorated with fairy-themed additions.

Red Poppy FestivalThere are also several festivals and markets to visit during the springtime. If you want to buy local goods and support the community, find a Farmer’s Market to shop at. There are quite a few to be found in Austin, and you’ll want to stock up on produce at this time of year. Another community event to attend is the Pecan Street Festival, where you can find live music, food, shopping, and other exhibits. Much of the same can be found at another unique festival- the Red Poppy Festival. You don’t want spring to fade away before you’ve been to at least a few of these fun events, so go participate in some gorgeous springtime Austin activities!

If you want to be proactive while the weather is still nice, there are of course several ways to get physical in Austin for the next few months. Among the many marathons and athletic events are the Color Run (May 24th) and Capital of Texas Triathlon (May 26th). If you want to exercise while enjoying the quickly-fleeting spring weather, be sure to check out these events.

Austin can be gorgeous and a lot of fun this time of year, so don’t miss out on all the events happening across the city. Find some festivals or markets that appeal to your interests, or be brave and sign up for a run around Austin!


Source: rwethereyetmom.com