Summer Fun at Crowe’s Nest Farm

Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, and what better way to bask in the season’s glory than a trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm Animal Life Center. It’s an educational non-profit organization located just east of Austin, in Manor, Texas. This 100-acre property is perfect for parties and family outings.

Texas Crowes Nest FarmThe farm houses a large variety of over 200 animals, such as a Shetland pony, leopard gecko, owls, emus, pigs, baby goats, porcupine, Longhorns, American Bison, turkeys, and many more! The farm also hosts a plethora of agricultural beauties, including a learning garden that contains several native plants, trees, and ponds. In addition to all of this, Crowe’s Nest Farm serves as a sanctuary for abused, injured, or unwanted animals. They are licensed wildlife rehabilitators by the U.S. Fish &Wildlife, Wildlife & Rescue Inc., and the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

A typical tour includes a dairy presentation by Farmer Dave; a hayride from Farmer Eric; animal encounters; a visit to the children’s garden; the Butterfly House; a Memorial Garden that stands as a tribute to farm animals that have passed; and a gorgeous wooded area called Faeriewood, where guests can build their own fairy houses. There is also a fantastic gift shop with an excellent collection of souvenirs and mementos.

Crowe’s Nest Farm operates on grants and donations, but a majority of the revenue comes from admissions. Since the farm makes no profit during the winter months, it’s important that visitors like you frequent during these summer months. Every dollar goes to enriching this agricultural and wildlife resources of Texas.


Img Source: Monkey & Squish Blog