Your Property Taxes Are Delinquent Don’t be sued or risk losing your property over past due taxes – we can pay them now!

Hunter-Kelsey helps Texans pay their residential and commercial property taxes which stops a foreclosure and halts the increasing penalties, interest, and attorney collection fees charged by your county. Once your property taxes are delinquent, here’s what happens in Texas:

  • Starting July 1st counties turn over their delinquent tax accounts to law firms for collections
  • The law firms start to make collection calls and mail letters. They will indicate their intent to file a lawsuit enabling them to foreclose
  • Lawsuits begin to be filed against property owners. It may take them a month or in some counties it can take a year or more
  • As long as your taxes remain unpaid, all court and lawsuit costs will be automatically added to your tax bill

The tax attorneys can choose to sue immediately or it could take years, and your taxes remain delinquent while the interest penalty, court and lawsuit costs continue to add to your tax bill.

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Your day in court

If you haven’t paid your taxes by your court date, a judgment will be found against you for the amount of your inflated tax bill. The court will then authorize the taxing entity to foreclose on the property. At this point, there is no negotiating with the court, no matter what your reasons for not paying. The county then officially posts your property for foreclosure at least 21 days in advance and then auctions off the property on the first Tuesday of the month, following the 21 day notice.

Avoid the hassle of court, we can help.

How much could your tax liability increase?

As much as 40% or more! Based on $10,000 of taxes owed to the county, a property tax loan from Hunter-Kelsey can save you almost $2,400 in the first year!

Hunter-KelseyCounty Charges
Total after 1st year with HK$2,030.88 
Total county fines after 1st year $4,400

That's a savings of $2,369.12 in the first year alone.

*On July 1st, Texas counties may charge up to an additional 20% of what you owe for attorney collection fees. But, some counties charge less. For this example, we used 20% collection fees. If the county has initiated a lawsuit, there are additional charges that we did not include in our example.

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We have helped over 10,000 Texans avoid lawsuits and foreclosure on their property.

Hunter-Kelsey will never sell your loan. We take pride in being the ones you will always call when you have questions or need support. We value a long term relationship and look forward to helping our clients year after year.

Our property tax loans do not require you to have good credit and or cash to close the loan. And, we make it easy to sign the loan by sending a notary to you. That’s why we’ve had our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for almost 15 years!

Please call us to find out how we can help you. The sooner you call, the sooner we can stop the penalties, interest, lawsuit and foreclosure.

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