County lawsuits are looming for unpaid tax accounts!

If you have not paid your property taxes your county tax bill will continue to rise every month due to interest on the amount you already owe. Beginning July 1st the county’s attorneys will file lawsuits against you suing for the unpaid taxes.*

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Hunter-Kelsey of Texas has provided over 30,000 property tax loans to Texas businesses and individuals like you. We understand that financial hardships can arise and we are here to help. We loan on residential and commercial property throughout the state of Texas.

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The process is simple and fast and can usually be completed over the phone. We collect basic information from you, create a payment plan, and quickly pay your property taxes to the county.

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Talk with one of our property tax loan professionals to learn more about how a residential property or commercial property tax loan can save you from increasing fees.

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“Our mortgage company was on our backs to get our taxes paid. Hunter Kelsey of Texas, LLC came to our rescue. Getting a tax loan was a fast and easy solution. Thanks for helping us keep our home!”
The Bertolo Family, Travis County, Texas

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*Counties can charge up to 47% in penalties, interest, and lawyer fees by the end of the first year, and most do. However, Travis County’s lawsuit fees of 15% aren’t applied until they actually decide to file a lawsuit.