Property Tax Loan Calculator Monthly Payment and Savings Calculator

Our property tax payment plan calculator estimates your monthly payment and shows the cost savings comparison between paying a low Hunter-Kelsey monthly payment versus accumulating the excessive and increasing penalties and fees on unpaid property taxes.

To see the comparison of what you would spend with a Hunter-Kelsey plan compared to what you would owe the county in penalties at the end of the first year, enter the amount you owe in the field below. The estimated monthly payment will automatically update as well the first year of county penalties allowing you to see the comparison. Your actual payment with Hunter-Kelsey may be slightly higher or lower depending on your individual circumstances and loan preferences. We offer plans from 12 to 120 months. This calculator assumes a 120 month plan at a 14% interest rate. Your actual rate may be different.

It is important to know that a portion of the Hunter-Kelsey monthly payment goes toward paying down your outstanding principal balance. The County Charges shown below show the extra interest, penalties and attorney collection fees you will be charged (in addition to your tax amount due) if your taxes are left unpaid. These charges do not reduce your tax amount due at all. Property taxes paid by Hunter-Kelsey stops the increasing penalties and fees. Explore our site for more on delinquent property taxes.

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by getting a Hunter Kelsey payment plan

First Year Savings Comparison

A first year comparison of a Hunter-Kelsey repayment plan versus incurring the county costs for NOT paying your Taxes

Hunter-KelseyCounty Charges
Total after first year of a HK repayment plan 
Total county fines after first year 

*On July 1st, Texas counties may charge up to an additional 20% of what you owe for attorney collection fees. But, some counties charge less. For this example, we used 20% collection fees. If the county has initiated a lawsuit, there are additional charges that we did not include in our example.