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Most people don’t know much about property taxes or property tax loans. In the interest of educating our customers, Hunter-Kelsey provides these articles to help you be more informed so you can make the right choice. Additionally, we have published (or republished) a number of articles that are of interest to our commercial property owners.

General property tax loan articles

Property tax loan blog posts

Commercial property articles


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Other resources for property tax loans

The following links will help you understand Texas property tax laws.

The Better Business Bureau

Visit our page on the Better Business Bureau website

Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Our industry and company is regulated by the State of Texas’ Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner.
Visit the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner website

Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association

We are proud members of the Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association, an organization of companies like ours that promotes awareness of property tax loans and high standards of behavior among its members.
Visit the Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association website

The Texas tax code

Property tax administration

State administration
Local administration

Taxable property and exemptions

Taxable property and exemptions

Appraisal and assessment

Taxable situs
Renditions and other reports
Appraisal methods and procedures
Central appraisal
Local appraisal

Collections and delinquency

Tax liens and personal liability
Tax sales and redemption


Local review
Appeal through binding arbitration
Judicial review
Suit against appraisal office
Property Taxpayer Remedies

Other tax resources:

Cost Segregation Reduces Income Taxes

Additional helpful articles:

Texas Descent and Distribution: The Legal Effect of Not Having a Will