Texas Property Tax Loans and Lending Avoid delinquent property tax fees or foreclosure

What Are Texas Property Tax Loans?

Texas property tax loans by Hunter-Kelsey are available to Texans who may be behind or unable to pay their residential and commercial property taxes. We offer flexible terms and attractive rates to all property owners to pay your property taxes and penalties.

Delinquent property taxes add up

Thousands of Texans are unable to pay their property taxes on time each year, and as a result have to pay a large amount in fees and penalties. We will quickly get your taxes paid so you’ll no longer incur the large penalties, interest, and attorney collection fees charged by your county. It’s simple. We pay the taxes. You pay us back over time.

Beginning January 1st, the county has a tax lien against everyone’s property. When we pay your tax bill, the county will transfer that tax lien to our company and that is our security for your payment. When you have paid off your loan, we release the lien by filing a release in the county records.

Three Easy Steps


Fill out the form on the right or call us at 866-PROP-TAX and a loan officer will take your application over the phone. This process only takes about 15 minutes.


It can take anywhere between 4-7 days. In most cases, we will send you the loan documents within a week after receiving your application.


The sooner you obtain a tax loan, the more money you save over time by avoiding the penalties and interest that the county is charging you, sometimes up to 47%!

Tax Liens

Though every county is different, county charges for delinquent tax penalties, interest, attorney fees and court costs can range up to 47% of your taxes in the 1st year and 1% each month every year after.

With a tax loan from us, you will avoid the county foreclosing on your property for non-payment of taxes. Call 866-PROP-TAX and ask one of our Loan Officers to assist you with calculating your total savings.

Questions? Call us today toll free at 866-PROP-TAX

Call us with any questions or concerns you have about Texas property tax financing. We frequently find that many people are better off with a county deferment plan rather than a loan. We’ll help you determine what is best for you, for free.

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