Texas Proposition 4, the Property Tax Changes and State Education Funding Amendment, was on the ballot in Texas as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 7, 2023. It was approved by voters 83% in favor. The key items related to Property Taxes were: A “yes” vote supported amending the state constitution to: A “no” vote opposed this constitutional amendment… Read More →

Yes, there is a risk of foreclosure in Texas if you do not pay your property taxes. In Texas, property taxes are taken very seriously, and local taxing authorities have the power to enforce the collection of delinquent taxes through various means, including foreclosure.  If you fail to pay your property taxes, the local taxing authority may initiate the foreclosure… Read More →

Mortgage rates typically do not directly affect property taxes in Texas or any other state. Property taxes are determined by local taxing authorities, such as counties, cities, school districts, and other entities responsible for funding local services.  Property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of the property and the tax rate set by the local taxing authority. The… Read More →

Owning a home is part of most people’s long-term plans. The pride of home ownership is hard to quantify, but the cost of home ownership is all about the dollars. In Texas, home ownership comes with significant property taxes, an oft-overlooked aspect of the overall cost of a home. Texas has no state income tax and, therefore, property taxes fund… Read More →

Your property taxes are based on your home’s appraised value. The job of determining your home’s value is done by your county’s Central Appraisal District which is often referred to as the CAD. The CAD has the difficult task of determining your property’s value without ever stepping inside your property. Unlike in other states, Texas CADs don’t have access to… Read More →

Many parts of Texas have been fortunate to not be hit as hard by the down economy compared to the rest of the country. That said, Texas residents haven’t been exempt from the economic downturn. Many individuals in the Texas area have had difficulty paying their property tax bills due to a lagging economic climate. Property tax loans can cause… Read More →

No one ever expects to be burdened with sudden debt. In Texas, third-party companies are currently able to offer property tax loans, or tax lien transfers, to Texans in times of financial distress. The loan companies will pay off back taxes for qualified applicants, and prevent future delinquency by paying property tax before it reaches delinquency. Approximately 70 locally grown… Read More →

Texas property tax bills are often considered a “necessary evil” of property ownership. Typically, property taxes are levied on an annual basis, but the large sum is often difficult to pay in a single payment. Therefore, many owners choose to pay their taxes incrementally over the entire year. This process requires a property tax loan provider to execute and, while… Read More →