There are varying factors that can determine whether or not your home qualifies for a tax exemption. For example, you must have lived in the home as of January 1, and the home must be your homestead. Temporarily leaving the home is okay, though should you find another permanent residence, rules apply accordingly. There are rules abound. We’ll go through… Read More →

While property taxes may be the last thing someone new to buying homes wants to think about, it’s important that the rules and regulations on these taxes be understood. Often times new homeowners are faced with unfavorable fluctuations and unheard of taxes. Whether it be a sudden rise in property tax or a surprise reassessment, the homeowner should be aware… Read More →

Owning a home is part of most people’s long-term plans. The pride of home ownership is hard to quantify, but the cost of home ownership is all about the dollars. In Texas, home ownership comes with significant property taxes, an oft-overlooked aspect of the overall cost of a home. Texas has no state income tax and, therefore, property taxes fund… Read More →