Finding The Right Property Tax Loan

Texas property tax bills are often considered a “necessary evil” of property ownership. Typically, property taxes are levied on an annual basis, but the large sum is often difficult to pay in a single payment. Therefore, many owners choose to pay their taxes incrementally over the entire year. This process requires a property tax loan provider to execute and, while the process is not complicated, it is essential that you do your research to determine the best lender for your situation. A few basic steps will ease this process:

Better Business Bureau Review
The Better Business Bureau is an excellent place to start your review of loan providers. You can determine a company’s standing with the local, state and federal government as well as uncover consumer complaints filed against the company.

Texas Property Tax Lienholders Associations (TPTLA)
The TPTLA is comprised of property tax lenders. Membership requires compliance with high standard of tax lending. More than likely, you want a company that is included in this organization.

Talk to your friends and neighbors. Find out who has had good experiences and who has had less favorable ones. Word of mouth recommendations complement your earlier research and help narrow the field.

Contact your top tax lender choices. Determine if the availability and style of your interaction with the loan officer is comforting. You want someone who will take the time to answer your questions and guide you in the process. This may be your first and only property tax loan so be sure you get what you want from the loan company.

The above steps are necessary to obtain the right loan for your situation. Do your research and the process will fall into place.

Source: Property Tax Funding