We’ll Pay Your Taxes By June 30 Avoid a possible 18-23%* increase on your delinquent property taxes on July 1!

You have before your tax bill increases 18-23%!

On July 1 the county will automatically assess the largest penalty and interest charge of the year, and turn your account over to a law firm to start the collection and foreclosure process. We can stop that from happening if you act quickly. Give us a call now or complete the form and one of our licensed loan officers will quickly contact you!

This the busiest time of the year for us. We can not guarantee we can complete your loan in time if you wait until the last minute.

If you do NOT pay your property taxes your tax bill continues to grow and at some point the county may foreclose on your property.

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Bell County, Texas

Your Delinquent Property Taxes Will Increase on July 1

Thousands of Texans each year end up having to pay a large amount in fees and penalties due to overdue property taxes.

County charges for delinquent tax penalties, interest, attorney fees and court costs can range up to 47% of your taxes in the 1st year. With a tax loan from us you will not only avoid the fees but also the county foreclosing on your property.

It’s simple. We pay the taxes. You pay us back over time.

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*Counties can charge up to 47% in penalties, interest, and lawyer fees by the end of the first year, and most do. However, Travis County’s lawsuit fees of 15% aren’t applied until they actually file a lawsuit.