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Hunt County, Texas

Did you know? 

The county is named after Memucan Hunt, Jr., a secretary of the navy under the Republic of Texas.

Helpful Hunt County Resources

Hunt County, TX - Official Website

Features departments, news, online payments, agendas, minutes, and county information.

Hunt County, TX - Official Website - County Clerk

Overview The office of County Clerk has been in existence in Texas since 1836, superseding the “escribano” of Spanish-Mexican rule. The Texas Constitution …

Hunt County Tax Office

Official site, includes information about how sheriff sales are conducted, and procedures to be followed.

Hunt CAD

“To provide accurate appraisals of all property in Hunt County at 100 percent market value, equally and uniformly, in a professional, ethical, economical, and …

Hunt County, TX - Official Website - Tax Assessor

The Tax AssessorCollector of Hunt County collects for many of the taxing jurisdictions within the county. Dedication to our goal to provide as much assistance to…

Hunt County, TX - Official Website - District Attorney

The main duty of the district attorney is to represent the state in criminal cases. Thedistrict attorney works with law enforcement officers in the investigation and …