Property Tax Loans

Owning a home can prove to be a great responsibility. A number of things can go wrong and sometimes, when our luck is really down, problems occur simultaneously. This is precisely why it’s important to maintain regular maintenance on your home. By staying vigilant in your home’s upkeep, you’re saving yourself time and money in the future. Here are four… Read More →

Texas Housing Boom

Texas never experienced the full housing bust so many states like California endured. There was no great bubble pop and the strength of the housing market continues on unfretted by the looks of it. In 2013, the average home value increased by 8.48% according to a report by the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR). And another good sign of this… Read More →

Property taxes are an inevitable aspect of home ownership. Many property owners complain about high-property taxes and they may have a point. According to a recent report in Kiplinger magazine, close to 60 percent of properties are taxed too high. However, the process for lowering your assessment and retrieving overpayments is complex. Here are some considerations: Timing Specific details on… Read More →

Texas is home to a growing population. Austin, the state’s capitol, remains a vibrant, desirable place to live with a strong residential real estate market. Just south, the hamlet of San Marcos was the nation’s fastest growing city in 2013. Many folks are buying homes in this red-hot real estate market. If you are considering buying or have just bought… Read More →

Liberty reminds Tax Season

It is tax time in Texas once again! If the forms from your bank or employer failed to remind you, then maybe the wild and crazy guy dressed like Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty on the side of the road did. Every year around tax time, costumed attention getters wave signs, dance merrily, and generally act loony-tunes in… Read More →

Many Newlyweds have no idea how taxes may change after they tie the knot. When a couple of people become, well, a couple, it’s important to make some adjustments so that more of your money stays where it belongs: with the two of you. The first thing to consider is how to file. In most circumstances, you should select the… Read More →

A Roof's Life

Unlike your hair, you may not notice the condition of your roof. It could be that your roof is fine. Maybe not. It’s important to do a check on it twice a year, just so you don’t have to worry about a suddenly, terribly damaged roof. Here are some tips and steps for keeping a high-quality roof.   – The… Read More →

Many business owners with commercial property think that property tax is the only tax. This is the case with residential property, but commercial properties have other rules, require other taxes. So, if you’re planning on starting your own business and you are doing some projecting of funds, be sure to know all the taxes coming your way. Property Taxes There’s… Read More →

There are varying factors that can determine whether or not your home qualifies for a tax exemption. For example, you must have lived in the home as of January 1, and the home must be your homestead. Temporarily leaving the home is okay, though should you find another permanent residence, rules apply accordingly. There are rules abound. We’ll go through… Read More →