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We are proud to have such a long lasting relationship with our Texas tax loan clients. Read our reviews and testimonials collected from many happy clients. Contact us to have yours added to our page.

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Land Gains
Life savers!!!
Graham George
Kay Worsham
The process was a great experience the customer service was great from initial conversation they listened and took action. The notary service truly scheduled around my time 😃 thank you for helping us.
Shauna LaRocque
Trista E Fuller
Tami Langley
Lauri Velasquez
Thank you ACortez for your prompt response. I’m so happy with the service everyone is so professional and knowledgeable.
Diann Horace
From the moment I called the first person was so nice I still don't remember. I was so shocked. Very honest, upfront and honest person. I am still shocked. He had the patience I never seen before. I trust them to the moon and back
Lori Salazar
Jessie Torres
Great and timely process. Came to our home to sign paperwork. Seamless!
Mary Villalobos
Charles Rogers
Great to work with....Professional and Pleasant
Terrell Riha
Very easy to talk with concerning my situation. Understood it perfectly. Thank you!
Dollucy Grainger
Quick, efficient and very helpful.
Cindy Scott
The team are absolutely amazing and REALLY helped me when I needed it!
Porter Washington
The staff was very professional and courteous as they handled my case. I liked how my questions and concerns were answered quickly. I was very pleased with the service provided by Hunter-Kelsey.
Rogers Smith III
Stacey And John Andrus
We Would Like to Thank Ken With Hunter-Kelsey For The Professeional And Great Customer Service that was rendered throughout this whole process.We Would Also Like to Thank Jammie,(Notary), For Making the Paperwork Signing Process go by so smoothly.
Jerry Laing
Andrea Alfred
Thank you so much! Ken was very helpful, answered ever question we had, took his time to make sure we were comfortable. Anytime we called, he was there. Whether it was by email or phone he kept us informed. We have 3 kids, and times have been very hard. We have owned this home for almost 20 years and never had an issue with taxes until recently. They genuinely help you to keep from losing your home. My family and I couldn't thank you enough for the help, and care you showed us during this time of hardship. Thank you again Hunter-Kelsey and Ken!.
Nick Davila
Jerry Vessels
It was very simple and it was a easy process. The work with you on everything. The come to your house and take care of all the paperwork then. I had to reschedule and the work with me to get everything done.
James Lorenson
Kyle Shelton
Very professional with no hassle to provide solutions for issues. I would highly recommend Hunter-Kelsey and wish more businesses operated this well.
Bryanna Delgado
Thank you Rick Farley for you patience and time for servicing me thank you
Rick Brewer
Good folks
Kristen Murphy
Etta Layne
Fast and professional service. They do an excellent job!
Heath Hebert
Very professional and educating. Also really easy to work with.
Raul Carranza
Very good loan company that helped me with my tax needs.
Maggie Zarnstorff
This is Joseph Dugas and I'm a client. I was about to lose my hone and Hunter-Kelsey saved it and paid all our back property taxes and save our home, our life and our future. We are referring them to everyone who need assistance in this area. Thank you for taking the qoeeys away and making this a stress free experience.
Christopher Garza (STEVO)
My Rating 5 star PLUS!!!IF your nervous, worried, losing sleep over the stress of back taxes, I'm here to tell you MAKE THE CALL, Hunter-kelsey can and will help you. And if your lucky enough to get Mr. Rodrigo Mendoza, then for sure the nightmare is over and help is on the way. In less than a hour Rodrigo had my answer and confirmed that my outstanding balance will be paid off in full within the next week.Above and beyond and job well done to Mr. Mendoza. He put my mind at ease, explained the process and who would be visiting my home. They set up everything they can for you.So please don't hesitate anymore Hunter Kelsey will have the answers to your problems.Thank you Mr. Rodrigo Mendoza, I owe you a great deal. You saved my life. Thank you thank you thank you.MAKE THE CALLsteve Garza
Steven Bowen
Sbayne Scott
Sharlice Bell
The gentleman that assisted me in this loan process was informative kind he made things happen that were difficult in the process I was going through and he knew all the answers. This is a real good loan company to assist anybody in their needs in the future.
Gary Jones
Very professional and speedy
Lou Ann Olvera
veronica munoz
Truly remarkable service!
Helen Lone wolf
Mashell Ely
Fast service and convenient
Kathy Alexander
Start to finish get service
tony gatlin
They work with you well even if you fall behind their understanding 🤗
Sarah Boren
Shyanne Lucas
Professional and fast to help. Everyone very helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Eunice G

    You explained everything very clearly in a very satisfactory manner. A very professional and friendly individual!

    AustinTravis County, Texas

  • Deborah C

    We did not think Hunter Kelsey of Texas, LLC could help us out, we were skeptical. Four of us inherited the house with back taxes due. We owed too much in taxes and we all have had our own problems. Hunter-Kelsey found a way and paid our taxes to where we could afford it. They proved our fears wrong.

    TravisTravis County, Texas

  • D Fowler

    Thanks to Hunter Kelsey of Texas, LLC for helping me in my time of need – I will never forget it!

    AustinTravis County, Texas

  • Joyce P

    Hunter Kelsey of Texas, LLC was very helpful in explaining any documents and questions. They were very professional, patient, friendly, and accessible whenever I needed to reach them

    TempleBell County, Texas

  • I. Olivares

    With the new year starting and back taxes still pending, we wanted to get a loan to avoid even more penalties. The flyer received in the mail was a god-send! All it took was a call to listen to the 24 hour recorded message and hear the pleasant voice and I just knew it was the right place to go for assistance. They were so professional and personable that we were able to put our embarrassment to the side. It really was The Easiest Loan We Have Ever Obtained! Thank you so much.

    San AntonioBexar County, Texas

  • Bertolo Family

    Our mortgage company was on our backs to get our taxes paid. Hunter Kelsey of Texas, LLC came to our rescue. Getting a tax loan was a fast and easy solution. Thanks for helping us keep our home!

    Del ValleTravis County, Texas

  • Daniel J

    I was afraid that Hunter Kelsey of Texas, LLC was going to ask me to pay the loan back in 5 or 6 months. Instead, they asked me how much time do I need! I kept asking myself What is the catch?. Guess what?, there is none, in less than 30 minutes, we figured it ALL out. Our kids will not be corn-fed for life!

    PflugervilleTravis County, Texas

  • Joe C

    You did a great job! I liked that you helped us in time and that you EXPLAINED things to us.

    San AntonioBexar County, Texas

  • Armando O

    I feel like I am in a safe place right now. No more door knocking and my property is saved.

    Liberty HillWilliamson County, Texas

  • Joe Lacerte

    Very informative, easy to visit with, and answered all of my questions. ALL the information was disclosed.

    PflugervilleTravis County, Texas